Targeting Handwriting Book 3

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Targeting Handwriting Book 3

Jane Pinkser, Susan Young, and Stephen Michael King

The Targeting Handwriting series introduces Beginnerís Alphabet, moves on to letters with exits and entries during the Transition stage, and then demonstrates how to join the letters to form Modern Cursive.

These are crucial years in studentsí development of fluent and legible handwriting.

The Targeting Handwriting series provides everything needed to give students a thorough grounding and lots of practice in all the vital handwriting skills.

Salient features of the Targeting Handwriting Books:

  • The lower case letter shows starting point and direction
  • Illustrations based on letters act as a memory aid for students
  • Reinforcement of skills is accomplished through revision and assessment
  • Letter joining technique is introduced to the students
  • Students are provided activities that will refine their knowledge and skills
  • Studentsí dexterity with particular joins in cursive handwriting will be increased
  • Ideas for presentation using print and cursive writing are conveyed
  • Students are encouraged to develop their own personal style

The Teacher Resource Books provide highly valuable guidance for instruction and practice as well as photocopiable pages to reinforce writing skills taught in all the Studentsí Books.



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