Right Byte Book 2 with Digital Content

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Right Byte Book 2 with Digital Content

Fourth Edition
Samrina Anwar and Abdul Jawad Rasheed

The Right Byte Fourth Edition series comprises three books for teaching computer studies at the secondary level. The fourth edition has been developed as a significant improvement over the earlier editions. The course has been designed keeping in view the requirements of the Pakistan National Curriculum, 2007. Updated content, logically restructured and attractively laid out, ensures that students are equipped with relevant knowledge in a manner that makes it easy to absorb and retain important concepts.

  • Each chapter begins with a preview that presents its rationale and introduces the main concepts by linking the chapter with the previous ones.
  • Each concept has been described and explained according to the level of comprehension of the students. Photographs, diagrams, and screenshots have been used to illustrate the concepts more clearly.
  • Each chapter contains interesting additional information in the form of Add-ons that create interest and relevance in relation to other subjects.
  • End-of-chapter summaries highlight the important concepts at the end of each chapter.
  • Each chapter concludes with tasks comprising objective, recall, and analytical questions to ensure that students develop a well-rounded understanding of the material. A broad range of questions have been added in the fourth edition.

Teaching Guides are provided at each level. Each Teaching Guide includes additional information, activity sheets, and test sheets to reinforce the concepts explained in the textbook.

The digital resource accompanying each Student's Book contains interesting animation, tutorials, and exercises to reinforce concepts discussed in the Student's Book.



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