My Learning Train: World of Letters Pre-Nursery Stories and Reading Skills

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My Learning Train: World of Letters Pre-Nursery Stories and Reading Skills

My Learning Train is a comprehensive, activity-based preschool series comprising three levels—Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The series uses activities to introduce concepts and reinforce learning. Through focusing on inherent skill development and learning-by-doing, the series lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development in an enjoyable manner.
World of Letters (My Learning Train) addresses the needs of children learning English as a second language. In keeping with the approach of the series, this book is fully addressing the competencies and learning framework suggested in Single National Curriculum 2020, uses activities to enable the development of the four language skills for clear communication—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For reading, a combination of two methods—phonics and whole (sight) word reading—has been used in the book. In addition to the speaking and comprehension activities in the book, flash cards have been included at the end of the book.These will make language acquisition an enjoyable
experience for children.

Special Features:

  • Holistic development of young children via SNC aligned activities to promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive and moral development
  • Flash cards and sticker sheets included in the Students’ Books to aid learning and reinforcing concepts
  • Reader with additional stories and activities in the form of a booklet, designed to aid socio-emotional development while developing linguistic skills
  • Comprehensive activity guides for parents included in readers to guide parents on how to best reinforce concepts at home

Teaching Guides with all Students’ Books aim to provide a holistic development of the young learners through providing comprehensive planners, activity banks, easy-to-make resources, and assessment strategies.



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