My Learning Train: World Around Me Kindergarten Worksheets Booklet

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My Learning Train: World Around Me Kindergarten Worksheets Booklet

Sonia Relia

My Learning Train is a comprehensive, activity-based preschool series comprising three levels—Pre-nursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The series uses activities to introduce concepts and reinforce learning. Through focusing on inherent skill development and learning-by-doing, the series lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development in an enjoyable manner.

World Around Me (My Learning Train) uses activities from different learning domains to create first-hand experiences for children, which encourage them to explore, observe, and question. Besides creating awareness about themselves and the world they inhabit, the series also helps to inculcate basic values and good habits, enhances inherent social skills, and facilitates emotional development in children. Through diverse techniques that include stories, rhymes, dramatization, and role-plays, children are encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts independently. Creativity is also honed in children through various art techniques and forms of self-expression.

Special Features:

  • Sticker sheets included in the Student’s Books to enhance learning
  • Additional revision pages to enhance critical thinking, verbal-linguistic intelligence, and visual memory
  • Additional Worksheets Booklet with Activity Guide for parents for reinforcing concepts of environmental awareness are also available with the book
  • Enhanced focus on environmental awareness, good habits, and building the foundations of a scientific temperament among children
  • Sight words to enhance vocabulary

Teaching Guides with all Student’s Books aim to provide a holistic development of the young learners through providing comprehensive planners, activity banks, easy-to-make resources, and assessment strategies.



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