International business 9th by Ricky W. Griffin

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  • Analyses of the impact of globalisation on competition within industries, including the global wine industry, the global flower industry, the coffee industry, and more.
  • Assessment of the ethical and social responsibilities of international businesses and businesspeople, including direct trade coffee, BP and the Gulf oil spill, green energy and free trade, and more.
  • Examples of international trade and investment conflicts and the challenges they present international business practitioners, including the global taxation war, and trade in counterfeit goods.
  • Coverage of how recent natural disasters and political upheavals have affected international business, including Toyota’s massive recalls and quality problems, and the political unrest that swept through the Middle East beginning in 2011.
  • All data and other statistical information in the book has been thoroughly updated, including international trade statistics, exchange rates, and expatriate costs of living in various global business centres.
  • Venturing Abroad exposes students to the opportunities and challenges of conducting business outside of their home country, including territorial disputes in the South China Sea, technology transfer controversies, growing concerns about cyber privacy, and more.
  • E-World provides students with insight into the impact of e-commerce on how business is conducted internationally.
  • Bringing the World into Focus examines how firms address cultural, legal, and technological differences among countries, such as Russia and the rule of law, and the impact on the European Union of Brexit.
  • Emerging Opportunities highlights challenges and opportunities students may face in emerging international markets.
  • People, Planet, and Profits address the challenges that international businesses — Gulf air carriers, Haier, McDonald’s, and more – must deal with in promoting their triple bottom lines.
  • In Practice at the end of each major section of every chapter consists of two concise major “take-away” points from the preceding section and a thought-provoking question for further consideration.



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