Art Club Book 5

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Art Club Book 5

Huma Nasir and Adnan Lotia

Art Club is a new series of art workbooks specifically designed for students of classes 1 to 5. The series focuses on building and strengthening the foundations of drawing and painting, with particular emphasis on the proper handling of a wide range of materials. Unique and original tasks incorporating Pakistani themes, with easily available materials, allow young learners to develop both technical skills as well as their creativity and imagination.

Each book contains fun and engaging assignments that introduce basic art concepts. Since these can be done directly in the book, Art Club is the only resource teachers will require to effectively and comprehensively develop students’ art skills.

  • The Materials Guide in each book corrects common mistakes and gives tried and tested material handling information
  • A Glossary of important art terms helps students develop the proper vocabulary for art and summarizes important concepts
  • Step by step instructions for each assignment are illustrated with full colour photographs to make learning easy
  • Teacher’s Notes for each assignment assist in class instruction and give helpful hints specific to the concept being introduced
  • Clear and colourful samples provide useful ideas and inspiration
  • Colouring Pages at the end of each book carry themes familiar to Pakistani children



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